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What Employers that hire Lincoln Grads are Saying

Shot and Edited by DLP For Lincoln Educational Services (Lincoln Tech).

Shot on the Sony PMW-EX3. Edited Using FCPX 10.0.9



Sherry Sutton Photography

Sherry Sutton ( is a talented photographer and I shot and edited this piece with her. Shot and edited by DLP MEDIA.


Culinary e-Brochure – Culinary Arts

The Video for the Culinary Arts program at Lincoln Culinary Institute. I edited the footage and managed the VO session. Edited using FCPX.



Culinary e-Brochure – Baking and Pastry

The Video for the Baking and Pastry program at Lincoln Culinary Institute. I edited the footage and managed the VO session. Edited using FCPX.


Lincoln Educational Services – Auto eBrochure – Automotive

Part of the eBrochure series for Lincoln Educational Services. These eBrochures are linked from the website. I managed the VO recordings and edited the footage.


Lincoln Educational Services – Auto eBrochure – Welding

Part of the Skilled Trade classes that Lincoln Educational Services provides. This is for the interactive eBrochure on Lincoln’s website.




Vint Cerf Interview

Sections Congress for IEEE in 2011. Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the internet, was one the main guest speaker of IEEE Sections Congress. I edited the video, did the graphics,  and produced it.


From Wikipedia:

Vinton Gray “Vint” Cerf is an American computer scientist, who is recognized as one of “the fathers of the Internet”, sharing this title with American computer scientist Bob Kahn. His contributions have been acknowledged and lauded, repeatedly, with honorary degrees and awards that include the National Medal of Technology, the Turing Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and membership in the National Academy of Engineering

A quick video to show the new website. The new website is a portal to a customizable website for all ERA Brokers and Agents. I was the project manager for this site and we launched the site in 4 months. I made the video to show off the site at IBC in New Orleans.




Kristen Hersch – Dusty Road

This is another shoot I did for UGO. This was actually one of those you can’t wait to do. Kristen Hersch, one of the coolest chicks with a guitar. She was so awesome this day. Electric guitar and that voice. Awesome. I did the whole shoot myself. 2 Cameras. One stationary, one handheld. Both cameras were the Sony Z1U. I had to really work on the sound for this. We didn’t have a board to mic the stuff with. Oh well, just made sure it wasn’t peaking and fixed it later by doubling up some tracks and EQing them differently.

Avatar Screening Fans Reactions

This was a piece produced for UGO while I was a video producer for them. They were giving a few select fans a screening of about 15 min of the movie. We went up there, one camera and got as many interviews as we could to try to make a cool little video for the UGO website. I shot and edited this in only a couple hours. Its was worth it, we got some good reactions.