About Dan LaPlaca


I am Dan LaPlaca Рmultimedia professional with over 18 years experience in video and audio production and web/mobile applications design and production. When I was 5 I started to play the drums and music quickly became a passion. From there I learned over 8 instruments and studied music. While in college at Northeastern University I became interested in music and technology. That curiosity lead me to video where I became a communications major with a minor in music and technology. As a communications major I concentrated into TV and Radio production and fell in love with shooting and editing video.

After college I got my first “real” job at Pseudo Programs Inc in the heart of New York City’s SOHO district as an audio and sound designer. With live hip hop shows and electronic music every week and 12 online channels, I designed and engineered audio and music for a variety of styles. From there I went on to learn more about web applications that were playing my sounds on the web. this lead me to learn web applications like Flash and HTML.

I continued my self education by learning web programs and taking a job in one of the leading Advertising Agencies in the world, R/GA. At R/GA I worked in the technology department and working in the QA department and the programming department. Working on top clients such as Purina, Verizon, and IBM I learned how an agency runs and expectations of top clients. My past audio skills also lead me to start producing music and sound design again. When the time came to build out the digital studio at R/GA I was part of the team that lead the initial studios and headed up the music/sound design dept.

Through out this whole time my love of filming and shooting video never stopped and I started to take more and more jobs in the video production field. I took a full time position at UGO and worked there as a video producer, filming and editing for a variety of channels as I did at Pseudo.

This lead me to where I am today. The Director of Multimedia for Lincoln Educational Services (Lincoln Tech – the leading technical training school in the US). As the Director I am responsible for all the media of the marketing department. Filming at all the 26 campuses across the US, and managing the companies YouTube page as well as building apps and micro sites for the company. I film and edit all their video of testimonials, educational videos and photography for brochures and marketing material.

An avid musician who loves the Jersey Shore and boats, this site contains media I have produced over the years including videos I have produced, audio and music I have created, graphic design, photography and more. There are also my personal collection of videos and photos I have collected over the years. Feel free to contact me for any media services.